"vandsten on it's new place in front of Citizens House"

"Water stone" is a sculpture created by the sculptor Ole Christensen (1932-2000).

The artist himself explained about the stone: - “The water jet must stand at a height of 10 centimeters above the stone, which looks the way it does because it must form a protective embrace of the small water jet. The sculpture is called Vandsten because that is what it is. Then people can interpret it themselves exactly as they want.”
"Vandsten" was erected in 1991 at Hovkjær Torv as a gift to Jelling on the occasion of the insurance company Vejle Brand's 150th anniversary.
However, it only had 15 years in its place, before it had to give way in 2005 to Jelling Sparekasse's construction of a new headquarters. Hovkær Torv is today Brugsen's car park
Since then it has been stored in three different locations.
Since Vandsten disappeared from the cityscape in 2005, citizens have requested the sculpture several times over the years.

After 15 years in Vejle Municipality's warehouse, it was found and money was allocated to re-erect it in Jelling. However, the plinth itself was blown away, so a new one had to be made.

In October 2022, Vandsten was set up in its new place at Byens Hus

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