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The ambition is to make a supplement to Jelling Street Quest. There is not much room for much information in the Quest, so you can read more here and see pictures from before and now.
Perhaps the trip around Jelling has made you want to know a little more about Jelling. And then you have come to the right place.
There is partly more information about the places you meet on the trip, and partly stories about many more places and quirky information. Enjoy

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Asta Andersen House - Gormsgade 13 
Bethania Home - Jelling Have
Jelling Inn
Jelling Mill - The citizens House
Bank of Jelling
Many more fun facts about Jelling
Jelling Grocery Store " Brugsen"
Poppos Jernbyrd  -  Gable painting
Runecentret - the Dairy
"Vandsten" The "Water
The Lost Houses of Gormsgade 1-3
The Reunion Stone

The Railway Station
The School in Jelling
The Tour de France Stone
The Lost Houses of Gormsgade 1-3
The Reunion Stone

The School in Jelling
University College Lillebælt
Did you know.....? Much more information