...and the story of the terrible drowning accident

Damvej is built across a field that belonged to the farm Grangård, when it was located by Østerbydammen. The first house on Damvej was built in 1932. It is Damvej 2.
When you look out over Østerbydammen, you see one of the last farms still in Jelling town, namely Østergård. Originally, there were many farms in Jelling.
Although Jelling is a city in perpetual change, there are still houses and places that are easily recognizable despite a motif that is more than 100 years old. This applies, for example, to this view down Vejlevej with Østerbydammen on the right and the beautiful residence for Østergård in the middle of the picture.

The retirement home was built by Geert Hansen Sørensen, who owned Østergård from 1874-1906. In 1906, he sold the farm and moved with his family to Damrosa, as the retirement home so beautifully came to be called.

Østerbydammen Villa Rosa 1906

A sad story about Anna Olsen and her family is hidden here. Vejle County Gazette, 6 February 1913:
"This afternoon at 2 o'clock, a 4-year-old girl, Anna Olsen, daughter of farmer Ole Olsen, Jelling, drowned. She was sledding on a pond close to the farm, fell into a hole and got under the ice. It took a quarter of an hour before they pulled her up, and then she was dead."

Ole Grangaard tells:
"It is about my father's sister, the family then lived in what is now called Dambo. It was one of the city's farms located a few meters from the edge of Dammen. Østerbydammen was used in the winter to cut frozen blocks of ice for use in the city's freezer.
There was not much talk about the accident in the family - you didn't, you had to "get over it" by trying to forget.
However, it was instrumental in my grandparents' decision to move the farm (in the most literal sense) away from Østerbydammen and over to the other side of the track. Partly because my grandmother wanted to get away from the pond and also because the farm's fields were on the other side of the track. The new farm, Grangaard (today a kindergarten, Denmark's best in 2017), should, was largely built from recycled materials from the old farm. As far as I know, only one less long one remained.
Anna's mother, my grandmother, was pregnant when it happened and when she soon after gave birth to a daughter, she was christened Anna. Anna was thus given her lot in life to be the one to replace the dead girl. It became really difficult. My cousin Anne Marie Ejrnæs, who is a writer, has written a moving story about my aunt Anna's life. The book is called: Theas Færd -  Thea's Journey". There are several other books by my cousin about the family in Jelling. For example, the book, "Sneglehuset" - "The Snail House".
Sneglehuset is located on the corner of Jernbanevej and Skovgade.”