If you look closely, you can see that Brugsen consists of an older and a newer part. The older one was built in 1960 and it was built with the purpose of running a utility association. Jelling had had a utility association since 1920, but it was located in Gormsgade in a house that no longer exists.

Originally, one of Jelling's larger farms, Rosenvold, was located exactly here. Brugsen in Gormsgade was living on borrowed time, as it was well known that there was a great desire to expose the burial mounds. Therefore, they secured themselves by buying a few plots of land from the old Rosenvold farm, and in 1959 a modern self-service shop could be inaugurated in this house.

The shop was on the ground floor, the distributor lived on the first floor and there was room for the commissions on the top floor.


 The First Building in 1920

A new Building 1960

he Farm Rosenvold 1947.