Bethania 1939-40
Unknown/Jelling Lokalhistoriske Arkiv

This beautiful imposing building in the middle of Jelling has a very special history. It was built in 1924 and the architect behind it was Frits Jensen from Vejle. The Master Mason, N.A. Christensen, was also from Vejle, and he is worth mentioning here because the masonry craftsmanship at the building was highlighted as absolutely great.

But who could think of erecting a building like this and for what purpose? The farm owners from Baggesholm, Søren and Anna Larsen were able to do this. They were engaged in the inner missionary work and with the construction of Bethania they wanted to establish a rest home for single people.

Søren and Anna Larsen had made a good profit from their farming and now wanted to invest the profits in a good deed. At the home you got your own room, board, light, heating and washing for around DKK 100 a year. If you lived in Jelling, you could come by and pay for a bath. Søren Larsen himself was the manager of the home until his death in 1943. A daughter and son-in-law took over the home and ran it until 1968.

Since 1974, the place has been called Jelling Have, as it is also called today and is run by the OK Foundation as a residence and treatment place.

In the immediate vicinity is the Mission House, which was the mission house for Indre Mission until 2019, when a new mission house was built on Sydkrogen in Jelling

Bethania ca 1950
Ålborg Luftfoto/Det kgl. Bibliotek

Bethania - Jelling Have
the old Parish House to the left
Luftfoto fra SDFE kortwiever

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