Anesminde ca. 1935

unknown/Jelling Lokalhistoriske Arkiv

Anesminde was one of the largest farms in Jelling town. It has been here since 1794, but very recently Vejle Municipality took over the buildings. The farm has been called Anesminde ( Memory of Ane) since 1839. That's when Ane Gys, who was married to the farm owner Knud Pagh, died. He honored her by naming the beautiful farm after her.
Over the years, the farm has had many different owners, but it has always been a large farm with many employees. Around the year 1900, the Wistoft family owns the farm. Jens Peter Wistoft was the formal owner, but farms have always been family-run businesses. His wife, Jacobine, has been in charge of all the household with the help of a handful of servants. She had to ensure that there was food on the table for everyone every day, that the servants were under control, that the herb gardens were looked after. Not infrequently it was the wives who had control of the farm's accounts. The couple had five children who certainly also had their significant roles on the farm, as they have been able to take on responsibilities.

Anesminde 1910

unknown/Jelling Lokalhistoriske Arkiv

Anesminde ca. 1960

 unknown/Jelling Lokalhistoriske Arkiv 

Anesminde before the demolition of the farmhouse and
commencement of remodeling
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Plan for Anesminde and the area around the farm.
Reconstruction 2023-24

Vejle municipality

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