The Tour de France Stone

Image from the unveiling of the TDF stone 30/6 2022

foto: Vejle Kommune

Gorm the Old did.Harald Blåtand did it.
Raised stones in Jelling over their great achievements.
Now Jelling has erected a stone over the achievements of the Tour de France riders
"When the last Tour de France bike has ridden out of Jelling, there must be something left. Not just the good memories. Something more tangible. Something we can touch and feel. Something that can perhaps stand for 1000 years ."
That's why Jelling has erected a ton-heavy stone that will tell of great thoughts, great achievements and a little bragging. A stone that in its design sends a salute back to the heritage of the Viking kings and at the same time is modern in its expression and shows that the Tour de France leaves its mark on the area.
The Tour de France is a meeting between the raw and the refined. A meeting between the sometimes raw nature, the raw strength of the riders, the hierarchy of the team, tactical thinking and the refined bike. That meeting can be seen and felt on the raw surface of the stone, where a bicycle steps forward.
The stone is not just a celebration of the Tour de France field's visit. It is also a celebration of everyday cyclists, of the lycra-clad cycling heroes of the country roads and those who have chosen to experience Denmark on a cycling holiday. In the imagination, the bicycle's frame can be equipped with click pedals and racing handlebars as well as with a more comfortable saddle, basket and luggage carrier.
And as the bicycle travels through Jelling, it is marked by the legacy of the Vindelev Treasure's gold bract theater, King Gorm's belt buckle and Harald Blåtand's large rune stone. This legacy is engraved in brass that patinas over time.
The stone was erected on the occasion of the Tour de France 3 July 2022, where the 3rd stage of the race ran through Jelling. Jelling Sparekasse's Fond has donated the stone and it was made by Filip's Sten & Billedhuggeri.

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