In the Old Town in Århus there are now 2 houses, a corner house and a long house, which once stood where Gormsgade and Stationsvej met.
The houses were built in 1933 by architect G. V. Abrahamsen for, among others, cigar manufacturer Jørgensen on the corner and hairdresser O. C. Hansen. But many entrepreneurs have had premises here over time, e.g. watchmaker, bookstore, hairdresser, clothing store, gallery, music festival office,
auditor's office and architect's office
The terraced house forms part of the pedestrian street from 1974 and the ground floor forms the framework for a shop with flowers and applied art. In the corner shop space there will be a pizzeria from 1974 as part of the upcoming 2014 street. The apartments are furnished with a rainbow couple (mother and mother) with three children and a single woman.

The house in Jelling was designed by architect Georg Valdemar Abrahamsen and built in the second half of 1933 by Jelling craftsmen. It was master hairdresser O. C. Hansen who took the initiative for the construction, which he later got cigar manufacturer Jørgensen and timber merchant Ludvig Poulsen involved in, so that Gormsgade 1, 3 and 5 were built in one work session. The hairdresser returned to the empty building site and lived in a house that was close to the south-east of Sydhøjen. Incidentally, it was demolished in 1935.
Now there is a cycle and footpath where the houses used to be 

The brand new Gormsgade 1-3 in 1933

Gormsgade 1-3 in the Old Town
in Aarhus. Inaugurated in Easter 2023