The old main building for the seminary is one of the oldest buildings of the current Jelling Seminary, or CVU as it is called today. The building dates from 1889, but the seminary dates back to 1841.

It was not a foregone conclusion that a seminary would be built in Jelling in particular. But they would like to have a seminary in this part of the country, among other things to be able to offer the Danish-minded people of southern Jutland Danish teacher training. Ribe was also discussed, but it was too far away and was also a market town. In Jelling, you could place a seminary with the primary recruitment of rural sons who should not be lured into corruption in overly large cities.

The superintendent's residence was built because the duties of superintendent and parish priest were split. Until then, one person had held both positions. But from 1894, Jelling finally got a superintendent who did not also have to function as the parish priest.

The principal's residence has been home to four principals. One of the most famous was the man with the whimsical name, Hemming Skat-Rørdam. He was the son of a well-known bishop and came to Jelling in 1903, when he was only 31 years old. Although the superintendent was no longer also a priest, Skat Rørdam had a theological background. Skat Rørdam was very interested in the national cause and was a diligent speaker. He got involved in pretty much everything that had to do with culture in Jelling. It was he who was behind the construction of both the Uffe Stone and the city's Reunification Stone. After Reunification in 1920, he left Jelling to take up his dream job as director of Haderslev Seminarium, a distinctly German seminary until 1920, which was now to be transformed into a Danish one. He only got a good five years in Jelling before he died an untimely death.
Skat Rørdam has left many fingerprints in Jelling.

In 1933, a new rector's residence was built. The old headmaster's residence was initially converted into training rooms. In connection with the construction of the monument area and the progress of the palisade in the period 2009-13 demolished. From 1982, the teacher education program was added. Simultaneously with the expansion of the activities, in 2002 the seminary changed its name to CVU Jelling, which four years later merged with seven other educational institutions in the Triangle area and on Funen under the common name University College Lillebælt.

ca. 1915

approx. 1900 with "Smededammen"
in the foreground

Superintendent's residence circa 1915

New rector's residence built 1933'
and demolished in 2010.

As seen from the air