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Latest news 28/3 2023:
Currently Confiance cannot  be seen at Gorms Torv. The statue was weathering in its attachment to the foundation and has therefore been taken in for loving treatment. It is not known if and when it will return. But the story of Confiance lives on

The bronze sculpture "Confiance" has been given a fine location on Gorms Torv with Gorms Høj as an elegant background. It is one of the greatest and most distinguished sculptors in the history of Danish sculpture, Sonja Ferlov Mancoba (1911-1984), who executed the work in 1963. It was previously located in front of Jelling's town hall

In 1982, Confiance was unveiled in front of the town hall in Jelling. And Confiance means trust. At the unveiling, the members of the city council quickly changed the title to "trust in the municipality's government". It was Jelling's former mayor, Karlo Søndergaard, who had to pull on his official clothes to reveal the sculpture. Its appearance was now no secret: it has been standing in the hall of the town hall for a long time. The sculpture is made in bronze by the 71-year-old Sonja Ferlov Macoba. has previously been in a group with, among others, Asger Jorn.

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